Live. Love. Breathe.

I was given a second chance, a bilateral lung transplant. There is no cure for Cystic Fibrosis. LOOKING FOR AWARENESS. I don't own the quotes. <3 Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.

Life Goals

  • Allow myself to feel any and all emotions.
  • Step back at every emotion and check myself before I think, speak, or act.
  • Be a better human and “turn the other cheek” and/ or hold my tongue.
  • Try and feel my actual emotion before blocking it or feeling it in unwanted ways.
  • Use actions and words at appropriate times. Take others feelings into consideration after addressing my own.
  • Listen to music EVERYDAY!
  • Be willing to judge my own emotions no matter how they may feel but do not be afraid to share them.

For you I will. Teddy Geiger.


You scared me into disliking real food. Needed a laugh.

Food from the earth I was referring to as real.

The assumed gross-ness kept my appetite at bay when you were near.

Bad deep down feelins often came from the thought of the yellow wrapped fault. 

No one is to blame except situation that we had no control over. 

Green while awaiting ripeness right from a tree out of the ground you hung with pride.

Terrible memories about my brothers misfortune and the thought of losing him was the toughest of all.

You, helped me stay afloat, nutritionally, while you did the same for him, when he had no other choice.

Thanks for the help. Thank you